Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate all of the benefits that carpenter ants provide to the natural world. However, we aren’t fans of them when they enter homes and businesses and become a nuisance to the property. For example, if your home or building has any sort of rotten or wet wood, it’s a temptation for carpenter ants to make their way to your property, seeing as that’s what they seek out. Luckily, if you call our professional pest control company in Wilton, we can come to your property and complete a pest inspection to see what we’re working with. 

If we do detect carpenter ants on your property, we will take the right steps to safely and effectively remove them from your property. We do so by first spotting damage caused by carpenter ants, then use environmentally friendly pest control techniques to quickly and efficiently exterminate them from the area. 

We know the idea of having carpenter ants eating away at your home or business’s structure isn’t the most pleasant thought. That’s why we also provide preventative pest control services to not only make sure they are eradicated from your property to begin with, but also to ensure that they don’t make their way back towards your home or business. When it comes to hiring a pest control company in Wilton you can trust to get the job done right when it comes to removing and preventing pest invasions, we are the Top Rated Carpenter Ant Control Company in the area to work with. With more than 28 years of experience in the business, we know exactly what it takes to provide you with pest management services that will stand the test of time. For more information on our process, techniques, pricing, and more, please feel free to give us a call today. 

In addition to our carpenter ant control and prevention services, we also provide many other pest control services, including  bed bug control, tick control, bee and wasp control, and much more. At Amtech Personalized Pest Management, we are here to provide you with all of the pest control services you need to have peace of mind that pesky critters aren’t entering your home or business. For additional information, or to schedule an inspection, contact us today!