There is a lot of talk lately about insurance companies having policies that cover Bed Bug infestations. Not only would these policies cover the cost of treatment and loss of revenue, but also the claims of “bodily injury, property damage and mental anguish” of the ‘victims’. Infestations of any kind have typically been excluded in commercial insurance policies as they were considered a maintenance expense. So far the policies are for commercial properties; hotels and residential property managers.
The following link is an article from the Hartford Courant just this past week.

There is no glomerulofiltration due to the size of the liposomes, which may explain the lower renal toxicity of LAmB [ 21]. We’ll complete applications for you and submit them on your behalf. It should be protected from humidity and moisture This opens up the door for treatment of recurring constipation, something metoclopramide could not help with.

Another article was published the same day in Medical News Today: