Tick Control

Ticks feed off of the blood of mammals. While some strictly target animals, many will gladly use humans as their main source of nourishment. Even though having some of your blood forcibly taken from a tiny insect may not sound appealing, it’s not the worst feature ticks can have. Because some ticks feed on the blood of all kinds of animals, they can pick up a number of diseases that they can pass on to humans and pets. Connecticut is home to many different species of ticks, and eliminating them from your property can be difficult without the proper training or equipment. If you need professional tick elimination in Connecticut, then be sure to partner with Amtech.

Mosquito Control

Similar to ticks, mosquitoes feed on the blood of other animals. Some species stick to animals as well, but many other species of mosquitoes aren’t picky when it comes to which mammals they get blood from. Mosquitoes can also carry many kinds of diseases, including deadly ones like malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus. Mosquitoes live all over the world, and Connecticut is no exception. When you need professional mosquito control for your property, be sure to partner with the best pest management company in Connecticut at Amtech Personalized Pest Management.

Insect Control

Ticks and mosquitoes can cause all kinds of problems, but they aren’t the only pests with six or more legs that you may come across. Ants and cockroaches love to invade places with easy access to food. Flies and bees might want to make your home their own when the weather starts to get nicer, and bed bugs can make your home a living nightmare. Amtech offers professional insect control for both homes and businesses in Connecticut. Our pest control experts can safely and efficiently remove any pest from your property.

When you need personalized insect control in Connecticut, be sure to partner with Amtech. We have the experience and equipment to help remove all kinds of pests from your property. Contact Amtech Personalized Pest Management to schedule your inspection today.

PreVeil Pest Control

Targeted exterior treatments before pests enter your home

Are you tired of having to deal with pests entering your home or business? Wish you could just stop them from ever getting inside? With PreVeil Healthy Environments from Amtech, you can do just that. Targeted exterior treatments help keep insects and other pests from entering your home or property. We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager and service technician team to provide continuous preventative pest control services. With PreVeil, you won’t have to wait at home for your appointment, as most services take part outside your home. We can even provide spider web brushing for your front door and garage area.

Learn more about our PreVeil Healthy Environments preventative pest control and see how our preventative pest control can help you.