Many pests are commonly found around the greater Stamford, CT, area. Like many area residents, you may have discovered some in your home or on your property. You are probably ready to do something about it. Taking matters into your own hands might save you money, but it’s unlikely to control the problem for good. For effective, reliable pest control services in Stamford, CT, you can’t beat Amtech Personalized Pest Management. Contact us today!

Stamford Pest Control

Why are Pests an Issue in Stamford?

Contrary to popular belief, unsanitary conditions aren’t typically what draws pests inside a home. The ecology of the local area strongly affects how likely infestations are to occur. Because it gets so cold here during the winter, pests don’t tend to be too problematic during that time of year. As things warm up and spring and summer arrive, however, pests like wasps, bees, flies and rodents make their presence known. It’s best to hire Amtech for preventive pest control services to mitigate or eliminate infestations altogether.

Common Pests and How to Control Them

Nothing is worse than dealing with a pest infestation in the home. To eliminate them once and for all, it is crucial to understand what attracts them to homes, how they gain entry and other factors. Furthermore, an effective pest removal system from a professional will help exterminate the problem. For your convenience, here’s some information about pests that are commonly found around Stamford:

Rodents – Rats, mice and other rodents don’t hibernate during the winter and may actually try harder to gain entry due to cold temperatures. These pests are troublesome throughout the rest of the year too. Rodents can harbor up to 35 diseases that affect humans and animals. They are also very destructive, bring fleas into the home and build nests that are riddled with bacteria. Amtech Personalized Pest Management knows how to deal with various species of rodents, and we will take steps to ensure that they don’t come back.

Bees and Wasps – Once Spring arrives, bees and wasps will swarm the area. Hornets, yellow jackets, bees and other stinging, flying pests can really make life miserable. Do-it-yourself measures like sprays do nothing to address the root of the problem. For that, you need Amtech Personalized Pest Management.

Flies – Many people don’t realize it, but the common housefly can harbor diseases like typhoid and E. coli. A single pair of flies can produce upwards of 1 million new flies within a matter of weeks. Every time these pests land on something, they leave behind bacteria in their wake. Don’t let flies make you miserable in your own home. Amtech Personalized Pest Management can help.

Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are insidious because of where they like to live. While no one likes a pest in the house, the thought of having one in the bed is even worse. That is where bed bugs take up residence. To make matters more difficult, bed bugs are so small that you may not be able to see them. You may not realize you have a problem until bed bug bites become visible on your exposed skin. To check for bed bugs, carefully inspect your mattress and your sheets. This includes the underside of the mattress. You might also be able to recognize bed bugs by small red or brown stains on your sheets.

Pest Control Services by Amtech

Pest infestations don’t take care of themselves, and do-it-yourself solutions are akin to slapping a Band-Aid onto a gaping wound. Don’t subject yourself or your family to these unpleasant conditions for any longer. The sooner that you bring in the pest control professionals, the sooner that you can reclaim your living space from pests like bees, rodents and flies.

Amtech Personalized Pest Management is the name to trust for effective pest control throughout the greater Stamford area. Regardless of what kinds of pest control needs you have, our talented team has you covered. Our highly trained technicians are QualityPro and GreenPro certified, and we deliver a personalized level of service that’s practically unheard of in the industry. We’re ready when you are, so contact us to day to get started.