Mice and rats are a problem when they find their way into your home. They like to be near humans so they have a ready supply of food. This has earned them the term “commensal rodents,” which means “to share one’s table.” If you’re experiencing a rodent problem, it’s time to hire pest control services. Contact your professional rat exterminator today!

Rodent Issues And Solutions


Mice can climb right up the side of your home, enter through the soffit, and then climb down pipe chases to get to the basement or other areas of your house.

Any wire small enough to wrap their feet around, they can follow into your home.

They can even climb up the corner pieces of vinyl siding by using their feet and pressing their back against the opposite side!

SOLUTIONS: We can close openings around pipes and wires that enter your home from the exterior. Rodent removal is more than exterminating rats and mice. Call Amtech today to close up the vinyl corners that allow mice to enter that way.


Mice can squeeze into a hole ½” or larger. Their ribs are hinged onto their spine, allowing the ribs to collapse. As long as they can get their head through an opening, the rest is easy!

Being low on the food chain, mice are attracted to any dark black opening, which means safety to them.

SOLUTIONS: Amtech will put copper mesh around pipes under the sinks to keep mice out. Call Amtech to look for likely entry points, such as the corners of garage doors, and around sill plates.


Some years mice seem to be everywhere. This is mostly due to a bumper crop of acorns, one of their favorite foods. Another favorite food is bird seed and grass seed. You may be attracting mice to your home! Rodent populations grow in direct accordance with the amount of food, water, and shelter they have.

Denying just one of their necessities – food, water or harborage, will greatly reduce the population. This is a form of rodent control.

SOLUTIONS: Keep all bird seed, pet food, grass seed etc. in metal containers. Mice will chew right through the plastic to get to a food source. If these items are stored in your garage, the doors need to be tightly sealed. Contact Amtech today for rat control services. 


Rodents cause thousands of dollars in damages by chewing on wires. They damage computers, appliances, and often cause electrical fires.

It isn’t unusual for mice to be attracted to cars for the warmth – and since 2000, most cars have wiring coated in soy-based bioplastics. Which means mice now have a food source in your engine!

SOLUTIONS: Amtech uses exterior bait stations to get to the rodents before they get in the house or car. We even have decorative ones that look like a rock next to your foundation. Call Amtech to get a free rodent control estimate for your home.


Rodents can carry up to thirty-five diseases including hantavirus that humans are susceptible to, which is another reason to exterminate them as soon as possible. Cleaning up after a rodent infestation also requires a great deal of caution. This is necessary because of the possibility of fleas, which may transmit their own diseases to you, your children, and pets. There is also risk involved if you inadvertently stir up the dust of their nests; it can be hazardous to breathe in the bacteria contained within.

SOLUTIONS: Amtech specializes in rodent dropping clean up. Wearing the proper safety equipment, the areas contaminated with urine and droppings are cleared up using the steps below. Infested insulation can also be removed and disposed of if needed. Amtech gets very busy with these so call to schedule your rodent clean up inspection now.


  1. Contain the work area

  2. Dampen rodent droppings using Steri-fab disinfectant

  3. Vacuum droppings using Hepa-Vac

  4.  Treat accessible infested areas with Bac-Azap enzyme

  5. Remove & dispose of accessible contaminated material

Amtech has the complete rodent control package for your rodent problems, from elimination to sanitation! Make your home a healthier environment. Call Amtech to get a free inspection for rodent control and removal.