Did you know Amtech started out as a commercial pest management company? We service some of the largest commercial accounts in the area with pest inspection and pest removal, including hospitals, malls, and restaurants.

Roaches are easily eradicated with our pest control treatment. We use a bait that is placed into cracks and crevices, behind counter flashing, and other places where you can’t see it. Roaches travel out of sight until you flick the lights on and you see them scatter.

The bait will kill the adults and a growth regulator will prevent them from reproducing. Cleanliness is also imperative to keeping the roach population down.

Multi-unit housing should have all surrounding units treated—the roaches may not actually be coming from the unit that called first.

We treat many types of large commercial buildings. Amtech is your premiere roach exterminator. Call us today for pest management services.