What is PreVeil?

PreVeil uses non-toxic methods to reduce or eliminate the conducive conditions necessary for pests to exist in and around your home.

By eliminating conducive conditions, you reduce pests’ ability for survival. For example, rodents need food, water and (access to) shelter to survive. By putting pet and other foods in sealed containers, you reduce the carrying capacity. Sealing holes larger than ¼ of an inch reduces the influx of rodents into your home. Eliminating leaks prevents access to water.

PreVeil is a testament to our company culture and commitment to reducing our overall environmental footprint while focusing on the most effective methods of pest control and removal for our customers.

Why should I have a PreVeil inspection?

The PreVeil report is a photographic guide that shows what steps can be taken to reduce or permanently eliminate pests from your home without using pesticides. A PreVeil pest inspection will give you exactly what you need to know for pest extermination.

Why use PreVeil?

For your families health, safety and to prevent pest problems in and around your home or business. Contact Amtech today to learn more!

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Preveil Permanent Wasp Exclusion