The Best Mice Exterminator In Newtown

Even after you’ve successfully eliminated all of the mice from your property, their droppings can cause major health issues if not cleaned up properly. If you don’t have the proper equipment or training, we suggest leaving all rodent control and cleaning to the experts. Here at Amtech, we can help with all kinds of pest control services, including expert mice and rodent control for both homes and businesses. Keep reading to learn more about our mice control services, or contact us to set up an inspection today.

Mice Extermination

Mice may be cute and fuzzy, but they can cause a lot of trouble if they ever get into your home or business. Amtech can quickly and efficiently remove rodents from your property, using safe and environmentally friendly means. We can also help prevent mice from entering your home with preventative pest control services.

Mice Clean Up Services

As we said before, mice and rodent droppings can cause problems even after the pests have been removed. Even the slightest movement can cause rodent droppings to release harmful pathogens. Let the professionals at Amtech handle your rodent clean up services.

Preventative Services

Removing mice and pests from your property is our responsibility, but we can also make sure they stay out after we’re done. Preventative pest control keeps mice and other pests from ever entering your home or building in the first place.

Schedule Your Inspection

If you’re ready to get the best residential or commercial mice control in Newtown, then be sure to contact Amtech Personalized Pest Management to schedule your inspection today.