The climate in New Canaan, Connecticut is warm and humid during the summer months, making issues with ants and rodents a common problem for residents in this area. Amtech Personalized Pest Management has been serving the New Canaan, CT area for many years. Below are some of the most common pests seen in this area and the problems that each can present to homeowners. Make sure and rid your home or business of the following pests with pest control services.

Preventive Pest Control

Ant Infestations

Ants are a common problem throughout the summer months. Whether you’re seeing them in your backyard gathering areas or inside your home, they can reproduce quickly and become out of hand and difficult to treat. Ants will infiltrate your kitchen and get into your food supply, creating sanitation issues and leading to food waste as well. Since ants live and operate in colonies of what can be thousands of ant friends, a successful treatment plan must be one that completely eradicates the entire colony to keep more ants from returning. Because of their small size, ants can gain access to your home through the tiniest cracks and once inside, they leave behind a scent trail that attracts the rest of the colony, creating a large outbreak in no time. If you spot ants in your kitchen or other areas of the home, contact a pest control specialist right away.

Rodent Infestations

Rodents are commonly found in kitchens, basements, and pantry areas of the home, and they are attracted to areas where they are most likely to find good sources of food. Because they can reproduce very quickly, they can prove to be a huge menace to your home and surroundings. They can easily squeeze through very small openings, gaining access to your food supply or pantry items. Their sharp teeth allow them to chew relentlessly through unopened bags of food, creating issues with sanitation throughout your home. Both rats and mice have also been known to carry a variety of diseases that can be passed on to humans, making it imperative that any rodent infestations be dealt with promptly. If you see rodents or rodent droppings anywhere in your home, contact a pest control specialist immediately.

Pest Control Services in New Canaan

Our experienced staff has been trained in the latest treatment methods necessary to remove unwanted pests from your home and keep them from coming back. We can provide you with a complete evaluation of your home and make recommendations for treatment protocols that meet your needs and your budget. Contact us today and keep your home free from annoying pests.