Get personalized pest control in Brookfield this fall

Fall is right around the corner. That means cooler days, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice everything. For Connecticut and the rest of New England, fall also means pests are going to be making their way inside our homes for shelter and warmth. Amtech Pest Management, the best exterminator in Brookfield, Connecticut, created this list of the top pests to watch out for this autumn.


Though much of Connecticut sees large volumes of spiders year-round, populations are known to be especially robust in the fall. Not only are spiders, like all other pests, looking for shelter and warmer environments in the fall, it’s also the time of year when they’re the biggest. Fall is also when spiders like to spin their webs, meaning they’re on the hunt for food. Though most are harmless and only bite when frightened or provoked, some spiders are venomous and can cause harm to you and your family.

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There are several ways to deter spiders from entering your house during the fall. You can use chemicals and pesticides to make a barrier for your house, but if you’d rather use a more natural method there are alternative solutions. Peppermint oil has been known to scare away spiders. Make a solution in water and spray it around the entrances of your house. You can also make sure the entrances to your home are all sealed. Updating weather stripping on doors and windows as well as making sure all edging is intact will help keep these eight-legged pests outside.


Flies are usually bad in the warmer months, but will often carry over into autumn as the last remaining larvae turn into adults. Flies don’t last long during the summer, having their entire lives last around 20 days. However, during the colder months, flies have their lifespan increased dramatically, capping off around 8 weeks for larvae to just reach adulthood. Flies are decomposers, and while they can be very beneficial in nature, they can do a lot of harm in your house. Flies carry germs and disease, so when they land on your food or on objects around your house, those items could become infected.

Flies are usually easy to remove from your house. If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can always get a fly swatter or fly paper. There are also numerous other devices you can use to eliminate flies from your property including traps and novelty salt guns. Also be sure to fully close doors and windows as well as making sure your home’s entryways are properly sealed. If your fly problem is worse than usual, be sure to call your local exterminator to inspect your property.


Rodents are especially bad in the New England area, especially as the weather grows cold. Seeking shelter from predators and the elements, rodents, namely house mice, break their way into your home for safety and warmth. You may not even know you have rodents in your house until you see one scurry across the floor or see their droppings in your cabinets. Aside from stealing food, mice also cause several other problems in your house. Because their teeth are constantly growing, rodents must gnaw all the time to keep their pearly whites from getting too long. Their urine and feces can also cause respiratory problems, especially in the young and elder populations.

To prevent rodents from entering your house this fall, make sure all entrances are properly sealed off. Have your home inspected to find any entryways rodents might use to wiggle into your home. If you already have a rodent problem, traps and pesticides can be used to exterminate the rodents, but other problems might occur if their droppings aren’t properly cleaned up. Don’t try to clean any of the droppings yourself, as sweeping or even moving the droppings could release pathogens that could make you sick or develop respiratory problems. Call an experienced exterminator to properly take care of your rodent problem.

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