When it comes to pests in your business, you know that you cannot afford the reputation or the damage that they could bring. pest removal needs to be a priority for you and your company. Comprehensive pest control services are what you should expect when you call a commercial pest management service. Amtech is ready to help you.

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We offer commercial pest control services like prevention, removal, and extermination. If you’re dealing with pests, we offer free consultations to determine which pest management system will work best for you and your company. Once a detailed inspection is performed, then we can tell you more about what needs to be done. We will know how to remove your pests quickly and efficiently so that your business can continue on as before.

Our Integrated Pest Management services use state of the art methods and tools. Our trained technicians gather information and understand your needs, determining the best ways to detect, eliminate and control pests infesting your company. Combined, we offer you the best pest control solutions that suit your needs.

We invite you to contact our licensed pest control exterminators today for your pest control needs. Let us begin to help you today.

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Amtech Personalized Pest Management was started as a commercial pest control company. We understand how to gather and act on each commercial building’s needs to identify and remove pests. We also understand that different buildings have different requirements. That’s why we have a custom pest service plan for your business based on history, structure type, and type of pest. The last thing you want is to lose customers to pests. Get control of your pest problems today!

How Amtech Personalized Pest Management Can Help:

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Amtech’s preemptive service uses a combination of treatments to help prevent infestations, whether it’s FliesRoaches, Rats, Mice or other pests.


You have enough to do running a business. Don’t stress over pest removal. Call Amtech Personalized Pest Management for comprehensive commercial pest control solutions.