Tired of pests in and around your Brookfield area home? Get professional pest control from Amtech Personalized Pest Management. Not only do we service multiple areas such as Cheshire, Danbury, and New Milford, we also use environmentally friendly and humane means of pest management. In this blog category, we’ll go over various reasons you should hire an expert exterminator to help with pest control at your home, other than the obvious reason of course. We’ll also go over a few ways you can update your house to help keep pests like rodents, ticks, and bed bugs out of your home. Curious to see what kind of pests are most prominent in your area? Click here to learn more about the best pest control practices and company in the Brookfield area.

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    Pests That Can Infest Your Restaurant

    Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and flies love to move inside when the weather starts getting cooler, especially when the place they’re moving into has an abundance of food and hiding places. When a pest sees your restaurant, they see a utopia, and once they get in, it can be very difficult to…Read More