We are delighted to announce that Amtech Personalized Pest Management has joined forces with JP McHale Pest Management, a leading provider of preventative pest management services for residential and commercial properties in the Greater New York area.  Our combination with JP McHale Pest Management enables an expanded service portfolio and a variety of service improvements.  This means an even better experience for you, our client.  

What does this mean for you?

On a day-to-day basis, you can expect an uninterrupted, effective and customized experience with a local presence.  Our additional manpower and new organic and digital treatment options ensure the right solution for your property’s needs, as well as the fast response times you’re accustomed to. 

Over time as we fully integrate, you may see our representatives and communications displaying both brands.  We ask for your patience, honoring both company uniforms, knowing we are now all on the same team.  Protocols, procedures, training and client engagement are conducted in alignment with the ultimate goal of striving to exceed your service expectations.