Westport, CT Pest Control Services

Very few locations on Long Island Sound offer as much historic charm as Westport. When you stroll along the Saugatuck River or enjoy an afternoon at Sherwood Island Park, it's easy to understand why we love to call this area home. The natural beauty attracts unwanted guests too, so property owners here in Westport, Connecticut, count on Amtech Pest Management services to keep rodents, ants and ticks under control.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Mice and rats around Westport have evolved into urban rodents, and their instincts haven't changed. Dry shelter, a steady water supply and dependable food sources are necessities for nesting and breeding. Your home provides all three, and mice take advantage by moving into attics and crawl spaces. Rats favor business properties where they forage through trash bins and invade commercial kitchens.

Rodents gnaw on sheet rock, wiring and carpets, and they carry numerous diseases and parasites. We offer targeted rodent control techniques for area homes and businesses that include both removal and prevention. Our cleanup and sanitizing services eliminate accumulated droppings, nesting debris and contaminated materials. Getting rid of rodents requires effective, focused strategies, and we deliver the best to your property.

Controlling Ant Invasions

You might not notice much difference between tiny pests scurrying around the house, but each of New England's three ant species brings a different problem to your property. Common house ants spoil food in the pantry, carpenter ants tunnel through wood framing, and pavement ants nest under sidewalks and driveways. They all start out as a nuisance, but carpenter and pavement ant infestations eventually cause structural damage.

DIY tactics only work temporarily on ant problems. Our Amtech Pest Management approach to ant control starts with a complete property inspection that identifies specific invading species. This allows us to formulate solutions aimed at both nesting sources and species type. Our specialized techniques also help prevent ants from relocating and establishing new colonies around your home or business.

Eliminating Tick Infestations

Our four-legged friends are family members, but a relaxing afternoon of play in Winslow Park's off-leash north side can end with ticks hitchhiking their way back to the house. They make pets miserable, and an infestation can quickly become established in your lawn. Tick life cycles run all year from egg and larva season in spring and summer through adult stages that become even more active during winter and fall.

Ticks also feed on area birds and mammals, so even homes without pets can develop problems. Deer ticks are especially dangerous here in New England because they carry Lyme disease. We offer effective elimination strategies that keep your property safe regardless of the tick source. Our services include a seasonal, four-visit treatment program that eliminates existing problems and prevents future tick infestations.

The Right Pest Control Services in Westport, CT from Amtech

Amtech Pest Management is proud to be a part of preserving the quality of life that makes western Connecticut so special. For more than 25 years, we've taken care of home and business owners all across Fairfield County. You can always depend on us for innovative techniques that reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility. When you want the best pest control services in Westport, Connecticut, give us a call first.


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