Danbury, CT Pest Control

The Connecticut city of Danbury is located in historic Fairfield County. Although New York City is a mere 70 miles from Danbury, the city itself is more suburban. Part of it's charm is it's moderate climate. With warm summers and snowy winters, Danbury is the ideal place to experience the dramatic change of the seasons. It is also the ideal place for pests.

If you live in Danbury or its surrounding communities, it is important to be aware of the pests that may be attracted to your home. Many pests appreciate the moist air in the summer, and they may seek refuge during the colder winter months. Therefore, learn to identify common pests in order to better secure your home.


Ants are surprisingly strong, and they can thrive in many areas of the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that they feel right at home in Connecticut and the rest of New England. The most common ants that find their way inside your home are carpenter ants and odorous house ants. Carpenter ants can grow fairly large for an insect, and they are red or black. These pesky ants can chew their way inside your home, which makes them particularly frustrating. Odorous house ants, on the other hand, like to make themselves at home in damp areas. You are most likely to find these ants in your kitchen or bathroom.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insidious because of where they like to live. While no one likes a pest in the house, the thought of having one in the bed is even worse. That is where bed bugs take up residence. To make matters more difficult, bed bugs are so small that you may not be able to see them. You may not realize you have a problem until bed bug bites become visible on your exposed skin. To check for bed bugs, carefully inspect your mattress and your sheets. This includes the underside of the mattress. You might also be able to recognize bed bugs by small red or brown stains on your sheets.


Ticks are not merely annoying. These pests can actually be very dangerous. This is because ticks like to feed on blood, and when one lands on you, it can latch on hard. The tick will become engorged with your blood, but that is not the dangerous part. The dangerous part is that ticks carry various diseases, which they can transmit to you inadvertently. Deer ticks and dog ticks are the most common varieties in Danbury. If you suspect that you have been exposed to a tick, carefully check your skin and your scalp. Ticks can latch on in places that are hard to see, which means you may need help making sure you are tick-free. You should also check your animals from time to time. This is especially important if you have been outside in wooded areas.

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