Gross? Yes, sometimes, but also fascinating!

Video logo smallAmtech Personalized Pest Management would like everyone to be as fascinated with the world of pests as we are. Managing the appearance of pests in our homes is all about understanding their behaviour, biology, habitats and feeding practices.Amtech Pest Education Videos will show you these things, along with some of the ways to control them, using pesticides as a last resort.

So watch, listen, and learn about ants, bees, wasps, mice, rats, ticks and bed bugs, just to mention a few.



EVIDENCE: Gnaw marks on bottom of doors going from finished basement to crawlspace. Gnaw marks on legs of furniture. Fair amount of banana left on counter eaten. No droppings were found.

TREATMENT: Rats are neophobic. They are very cautious/wary of any new items in their environment. Pre-baiting rat snap traps gains their confidence. Place food on the traps without setting. After two to four days, you may set the traps.

INTERESTING: Notice how the rat elongates his body and even jumps back as he investigates this new item.